19 Summer Dates Ideas to Make Her Like YOU!

If you want to impress your crush on a first date these 19 tips will definitely help you to impress your crush so without any father delay let's have a look!

1. Have a booze picnic.

If you’re 21 and you like to drink, a picnic with booze is a good way to make a normal afternoon at the parkway more fun and entertaining. And you guys can go pick up food and snacks beforehand to make the date longer and move around a bit more.
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2. Go to a farmer’s market.

I was recently in California on a surf trip and on my way back, I stopped by a roadside farmer’s market. And let me tell you, they had some of the juiciest mangos I’ve ever tasted in my godly life. And oftentimes, fruits are in season at this time of year, so you can go and pick out some dope juicy ass fruits and vegetables. And hey, bitches love fruits. Combine this with the last tip about having a picnic and you just got yourself two dates in one. You’re welcome. And hey, if you really feel like pippin’, you can even go on a date to the farmer’s market with a DIFFERENT girl beforehand to pick out the food you’re gonna bring on the date with girl number 2 later in the day haha. I mean, hey I’ve Based Zeus after all, this
stuff really does happen.

3. Do yoga in the park.

Even if you’re not actually into yoga, doing yoga in the park is a fun and sometimes hilarious experience, especially if you go with someone else. Sometimes the yoga instructors and other students there are so hippy and strange, it makes for a funny experience just to observe. It’ll give you and her a memorable and funny experience to look back on.

4. Go make fun of the old people doing Tai Chi in the park.

This is similar to the last tip but it’s just as fun, and can sometimes be even funnier. And if there are no old people doing Tai Chi in the park near you, then you can just go people-watch at any other public place, like the mall, and silently make fun of people walking by.

5. Have a bonfire.

Bitches love bonfires. And they love smores even more. And even if you’re vegan like me, you can still pull up to Whole Foods and make sure you got some bomb-ass vegan smores.

6. Go mini-golfing.

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. So yeah, go try it out. Number 7: Go to the driving range and practice your golf swing together. If you don’t like mini-golf and want something that requires less moving around so you can talk easier, then just go to a driving range and hit some golf balls. It’s dirt cheap and a fun activity to do together because you can have a flirty conversation while doing it.

8. Eat at an outdoor restaurant.

This is one of my favorites because you can enjoy the weather outside and people watch while you eat which makes keeping the conversation up, really natural and easy.

9. Take surf lessons.

If you live by the beach, taking surf lessons is a really fun thing to do together because you can both learn together, and since both of you will probably suck it’ll make it the experience that much funnier and more

10. Go for a late-night walk on the beach.

You can combine this with the previous tip of taking surf lessons and do them on the same day… Or I mean, just say fuck it, and book surf lessons with girl number1 during the day and do the late-night walk on the beach with girl number2, whatever floats your boat. But if you’re gonna switch girls mid-day between your dates, you gotta make sure you’re well-groomed and fresh and clean for both of your dates. 

11. Go to a festival or outdoor concert.

In the summer, if you live near a big city, or even just near a busy town, there are tons of free or super cheap outdoor concerts. These are a good place to connect with the girl and build a deeper relationship because when you’re in a big crowd of strangers, being with someone you kind of know builds familiarity, trust, and comfort. All of which is gonna help you get laid!

12. Go bike riding, skating, or whatever other

non-car land vehicle riding you have. It incorporates the importance of moving around on the date and it’s more fun if one of you two sucks because then it’s funny and you can teach the girl and laugh about how bad you guys are.

13. Go to a carnival.

Summer is primetime for carnivals and fairs and shit like that. Take full advantage and go to one on your dates because it’s full of a ton of things going on around you that makes for easy and fun conversation.

14. Go to a rooftop bar.

When you’re high up, it gives you a good perspective of the city or area around you, making it easy to keep conversation fluid and moving throughout the date, so try it out.

15. Go cliff jumping.

If you’re feeling adventurous, then cliff jumping is badass and a ton of fun to do together. It has enough thrill and adventure to it to make the date enticing and exciting to the girl and it creates a more memorable experience than typical coffee dates so you’ll stand out from all  the other guys in her mind.

16. Go to a gun range.

Indoor and outdoor gun ranges are fun as fuck. Find one nearby and go there with the girl. Most girls don’t usually go shooting so when you bring them, you’ll be bringing them on the first time and badass experience. Just make sure not to piss her off while she’s aiming that Glock down sight haha.

17. Go boating on a lake or river.

If you live near a lake or a river, chances are there are boat rentals you can do for relatively cheap. This is another fun and adventurous one which will make you memorable and stir up some good, the emotion on the date.

18. Go to a parkour gym or go rock climbing.

This one is a ton of fun because it’s active and super unique. You can race each other up the wall to make it more fun and test out your ninja skills. And you can combine it with a more standard food date afterward.

19. Go meditate in the park.

This is one of my favorite ones. Most girls have never tried meditating before so when they try it out with you and have a good experience like most people do, she’ll attribute those positive feelings to you and boom you got it in the bag. You don’t have to explicitly go on a date to meditate if you don’t think she’d be down to just go meditate with you haha. But what you can do is incorporate with another date idea, something like a walk on the beach, a walk in the park, a picnic, or any of the other 18 ideas I just gave you! and my friend that's all. If you like our tips please subscribe to our website it's free.

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