Top 10 tricks to make a guy like you in 2020

There are tons of ways to get a guy to like you. but I will share with you top 10 tricks to make a guy like you.


1. Be fun

this should almost go without saying, but guys love to have fun. if you're able to be yourself and not take yourself too seriously, even better put yourself out there,and try new and exciting things. you should also share those new and exciting things with your crush.
guys like people who they can be themselves around and whom they can have fun with. so, just relax and go with the flow and be someone they actually enjoy hanging with.

2. Don't seem desperate

have you ever had someone so desperate for your attention that you almost feel sorry for them? well, this is a guy's worst nightmare. if you show that you like him so much that he has all your attention or you are always available to him, you will seem desperate when this happens a guy thinks that no one else is vying for your attention, which makes you less desirable in their book. all you have to do is keep your cool and enjoy your life without worry about having a minute!

3. Be approachable 

guys have a hard enough time as it is approaching someone they are interested in. so, when they do make a move to get your attention, you should try to play nice. if you want to be approached by a guy, then make eye contact and give them a flirty smile. you don't have to do this for every guy but if you ever crashed you should at least let him know you are friendly a guy has to know that you're interested in engaging a conversation with him, if he doesn't he may not even try. 

4. Impress his friends 

if his friends like you and are impressed by you, then they are sure to sing your praises, when you meet his friends be friendly and sweet don't shy away from some fun banter that could borderline being flirty. his friends will love your wit and sweetness take time to actually engage with them, so your effort doesn't come across as fake. the good news is once you win them over they will tell your guy how much they loved you this will help the guy see how special you truly are.

5. Find your own happiness

 it's true that you won't be ready for a life with someone else until you are happy
with the life you have. so, you should live your life doing what makes you happy!  a happy person is more attractive and more likely to get noticed by the right guy. if you have a passion in life than pursue it. if you have your own hobbies and plans, then go after them. once you have your own thing going on a guy will know that he is just a bonus and not your whole life! 

6. Get his blood pumping 

if you have a crush on a guy, take him to a theme park to ride roller coasters, basically taking a guy to do anything that will make his blood start pumping will heighten his attraction to you. you don't have to do anything too dangerous either just something that will get the
guys adrenaline going. not only will this show that you are exciting but people who share an exciting experience together end up being more attracted to one another.

7. Use body language 

there are several ways you can use your body to let a guy know you're interested in him. people naturally blink fast when they are emotionally excited so don't shy
away from batting your eyelashes. if you have already engaged in a conversation with him lean in closer to him while he talks, and make sure your hips are facing towards him. if he says something funny you should laugh and lightly touch his forearm so he knows he is winning you over.

8. Look the part

 if you want a guy to like you then you have to get his
attention. men are visual creatures so if you want to get his attention, you need to look the part. not only should you make sure you look your best, you should also take care of yourself try getting some workouts in,
and make sure you smell nice, and positively present yourself. a guy wants someone that can bring home to mom, so make sure you seize that you're that person.

9. Show him you are desired

it may sound like guys are playing games, but they do want the person who seems like a prize. when a guy sees that other guys are interested in you he will start to take notice! he will wonder what all the other guys see in you and then you will notice how awesome you are! when a guy sees that you have options, they know it is time to step up and not play around. you will now become something he has to work for if he wants to win you over and not lose you to someone else.

10. Flirt with him 

at the end of the day, there is no better way to get a guy to like you than to flirt with him. giving a guy attention will definitely stroke his ego, and will let him know that you are interested. you should also make sure not to flirt with other guys, so he knows that you're giving him special attention. your flirting can be as easy as laughing at his jokes or giving him a little longer than usual eye contact, before looking away. when a guy knows you were interested, it will ramp up his desire
fast! so don't be shy get your flirt on! what are some more tricks that can make a guy like you react in the comments section below.
ok bye bye I will see you in the next article.

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