Why you can't get a girlfriend (2021)

Now have you dudes ever wondered why the hell! you can't get a girlfriend! I'm sure you probably sit at the corner of your bed, all night thinking "what am I doing wrong!" what is he doing that he gets all the girls, but not just one of them will even say hi to me! well, if this is you I got your back because today I'm gonna show you exactly why that guy gets all the girls and you probably are still struggling. I don't want you to struggle, I want you to be that guy getting all the girls, so, if that sounds interesting let's hop into it.

The number one reason why he's getting all the girls and you're not! he's more charming than you are! here's a reality, anybody can be charming this is not something you're innately born with so is that that he has a competitive advantage over you, is that he has worked that muscle more than you have. being charming and socially capable is all about working that muscle, constantly be pushing yourself, and getting outside your comfort zone.
so many of us are so scared of that, that we end up so socially awkward that we don't have a charming bone in our body. the best exercise for you to do is to go to the mall go somewhere where there's a lot of people and literally go out there and just start randomly conversations with people. ask for directions, tell somebody she's pretty, tell somebody you like their shoes, once you do you're gonna start becoming more charming and easily be able to talk to any girl that you like.

The second reason what that dude has the girls and you don't! is because he had the balls that you didn't! again it's not that he has a competitive advantage, it's not that he was born with these gifts, is that he just had the courage. so many dudes will see a pretty girl and won't even try to talk to her, and this doesn't mean you have to go up to her and be Rico suave and drop a bunch of cliches, pickup lines to get her to like you. instead, try to build a relationship.
 if you see a girl and you like her say it's in a classroom, try to go and sit right next to her, let's say it's the first day that's the first bold move you can do. from there on a conversation will come out naturally. if it's at work trying to take lunch at the same time, she does so you both sit at the break room, again a conversation we'll be inevitable but at least you had the boss to try!

The third reason one that most dudes think they can't control. he is more handsome than you are! yes, to an extent some dudes are blessed with genetic beauty but if you're a true lovexoom lover and a true reader of this website you'll know in order to have the experience that you can't control your attractiveness. you can look better than what you did the day before just by putting in a little bit effort. 

The fourth reason why he's getting all the girls and you're not!  is because he gets what he wants. you to see in life you need to have that alpha male talent. In other words, when you see something you want, you need to work your ass off, to take it, to make it your own. nobody's gonna give you anything and a silver platter. we live in a generation in that everybody's entitled and they think that they're entitled to everything, they think they're entitled to that position or they're entitled to that degree or they're entitled to that girlfriend. you're not! you want something in life you're gonna have to work for it. and that's what the alpha more male sense and, that's what that guy understands, he wants that girl, he works for it! they don't just come running to him. that's what you need to do as well, 

finally, number five he's cool and you're not! I don't mean this in the form of he's popular and you're not. I mean it as in he's cool, he's relaxed if you look at any guy that is good with women the one thing that you'll distinguish between him and the dude that isn't, is that this dude is always relaxed. you put a hot woman in the room and you have these two guys this guy will be chilling, he'll act like nothing else happened as a regular person came into the room. this guy he's gonna be panicking, he's gonna be shivering and if that girl for some reason decides to talk to him he's gonna be all jittery talking fast and looks super nervous,

that's the one thing that will kill your game with women because they can sniff this a mile away, they can smell the fear, again women want to be with an alpha male, so with if you can control your emotion slows down your movement, slow down your speaking, and just talk in a level tone to the point that you look like you're just normal. you're now going to become the dude that all the girls are running to, instead of the dude that the girls are running away from, and that's basically it for today's article guys I hope you enjoyed it if you did don't forget to drop us a light down below.
ok bye-bye. 


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