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Different Ways to mention "I Love You"

“I love you!” These are the three little words that everybody wants to listen to. After all, love is what makes the planet go round. But is it possible to mention "I love you" without actually saying those words? Sure they're classic, but sometimes they will feel overused. Fortunately, there are tons of other meaningful, unique, and memorable ways to precise this sentiment. This list offers quite 100 creative ways to try to do it. What are you waiting for? cozy up to your beloved and whisper some words of affection. 

cute ways to say I love you

So many times, saying the ‘I love you’ word feels strange to some people even once they are head over heels in love. If the above describes you then be rest assured there are alternative ways to mention I really like you. Especially when this person means such a lot to you. What involves your mind once you consider your spouse? What makes them laugh? What makes them happy? consider how you'll keep seeing them therein a great mood, then plow ahead and do what it takes. In today’s post, we'll be exploring alternative ways to mention I really like you to the love of your life and I’d be that specialize in the utilization of words, accompany me:

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10 ways to mention "I Love You" Without Saying "I Love You"

  1. You are my addiction.
  2. I'm drawn to you.
  3. You're my prince/princess.
  4. I've got a crush on you.
  5. I'm rather a fan of you.
  6. I've got a thing for you.
  7. I love you to the moon and back.
  8. I love you with my whole heart and soul.
  9. You are incredible.
  10. Everything about you turns me on

10 Romantic Ways to mention I really love You

  1. I'm totally down with you.
  2. I will never love anyone the maximum amount as I really like you.
  3. When you're happy, I'm happy.
  4. You are my favorite.
  5. You are my everything
  6. You are quite 1,000,000 reasons why I’m crazy 
  7. I want you
  8. I need you
  9. I just wouldn’t feel complete without you.
  10. Everything about you turns me on.
  11. I cherish you above anything in my life.
  12. I can’t believe how hard I’ve fallen for you.
  13. You make my soul sing once you walk into an area .
  14. I feel such powerful adoration for you and only you.
  15. You are my treasure – the foremost precious thing in my life.
  16. I’m yours to stay .
  17. You’re my partner in crime.
  18. You’ve got me head over heels.
  19. I cherish you.
  20. I crave you.
  21. You’re mesmerizing.
  22. I’m dedicated to you.
  23. You’ve got me smitten.
  24. You twist my insides.
  25. You’re breathtaking.
  26. I’m the luckiest person within the world
  27. We are meant to be
  28. I’d do anything to form you smile
  29. You are my soulmate
  30. I’m yours

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10 Ways to mention I really love You in several Languages

  1. ahabak (Arabic)
  2. ich Liebe Dich (German)
  3. te amo (Italian)
  4. Naku Penda (Swahili)
  5. Se agape (greek)
  6. Wǒ ài nǐ (Chinese)
  7. Aishiteru (Japanese)
  8. Saranghaeyo (Korean)
  9. P̄hm rạk khuṇ (Thai)
  10. Te amo (Spanish)

Creative Ways to mention I really love You

  1. I believe in you
  2. I am crazy about you
  3. I will do anything for you
  4. I’m desperate for you
  5. Being with you seems like having 1,000,000 bucks
  6. You are my dream come true
  7. You are my heartbeat
  8. You are the love of my life
  9. When you're happy, I'm happy.
  10. You are my favorite.
  11. I can’t say it enough—I love you quite anything.
  12. Every time I see you, you allow me breathless.
  13. Let's catch on on.
  14. I think you are the one.
  15. Butterflies in my stomach flutter whenever I’m with you.
  16. We make an incredible team.
  17. I always have a tremendous time with you.
  18. You make me burn with desire.
  19. I feel such powerful adoration for you and only you.
  20. All I ever want is to form you cheerful .
  21. You make me desire my best self.
  22. Our bond can't be broken.
  23. I love you more and more a day .
  24. I love exploring your body.
  25. Thinking about our future puts a smile on my face.
  26. We’re meant to be.
  27. Your voice is sort of a song.
  28. I’m crazy about you.
  29. You made me believe that love is feasible .
  30. I love everything you represent .
  31. I see you for who you're , and it’s who i really like .
  32. I desire we will combat the planet together.
  33. You feel like paradise.
  34. We belong together.
  35. I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone but you.
  36. You’re my ally .
  37. You’re the butter to my bread.
  38. I know I’ll be fine when you’re near me.
  39. I will always catch you once you fall.
  40. You mean more to me than you would possibly know.
  41. I’m crushing on you.
  42. You leave me breathless.
  43. You rock my boat.
  44. I’d be lost if it weren’t for you.
  45. You bring me sunshine.
  46. You inspire me.
  47. You make my heart flutter.
  48. You feel like home to me.
  49. You have the keys to my heart.
  50. My heart calls out for you
  51. I love you quite any word can say.
  52. You make everything feel possible.
  53. You are the person I would like to spend my life with.
  54. You’re the spread to my jelly.
  55.  As long as I even have you in my life, I’ll be okay.
  56. I will always be here for you.
  57. You are incredible.
  58. You mean such a lot to me.
  59. I’ve got a crush on you.
  60. You are the thing of my affection.

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